The Polish residential market – annual seminar by REAS

30 May 2018

The annual seminar organised by REAS is behind us. We have summarised the situation on the residential market after Q1 2018 and discussed our view of the future of the Polish development market in 2018–2022. We have also asked our partners, customers and experts in prefabrication whether that are any solutions to the increasing costs in the construction industry. All this in the company of our esteemed colleagues from this sector.


The meeting held on 25 April 2018 at the prestigious The Heart Warsaw in the Warsaw Spire was attended by the leading representatives of the residential market. The seminar was opened with a presentation by Katarzyna Kuniewicz, during which she discussed the results of the primary market monitoring following Q1 2018. Forecasts for 2018–2022 were presented by Kazimierz Kirejczyk, who also answered numerous questions from the guests. A considerable part of the meeting was devoted to discussing the factors that affected demand and supply the most, as well as their impact on the future of the market. The possible amendment of the developer act was also touched upon.

In the second part entitled ‘Prefabrication – an opportunity to optimise the construction process or distant future?’, Marian Bruliński from OBIDO presented the preferences of homebuyers regarding projects where prefabricated components were used. The next speaker was Marcin Szpak from Olivia Business Centre, who delivered a short presentation on how Polish prefabricated components are used in Sweden. This part was followed by a panel discussion with Konrad Grabowiecki (Brzozowski Grabowiecki Architekci), Roman Stanisławski (Budizol), Przemysław Borek (Pekabex), Jacek Zengteler (Yareal), Dorota Jarodzka Śródka (Archicom) and Jan Styliński (PZPB). It was moderated by Kazimierz Kirejczyk (REAS).

As every year, the seminar was attended by the leading representatives of the Polish residential market, and the latest quarterly market report was very popular, similarly to the previous REAS publications. Apart from the already mentioned REAS representatives, the event was also attended by other members of the REAS team, who shared their knowledge with others on the side.

We encourage to view the short coverage of our event.