Meet REAS experts at autumn conferences

29 August 2018

The upcoming autumn will bring another season of conferences, fairs and meetings devoted to the housing market. As always, REAS experts will take part in key industry events, sharing knowledge, presenting the latest data on the Polish housing market, and answering burning questions from representatives of this sector, as well as investors who are considering investing in Poland. This year we are starting very early, on 1 September, with the first month filled with important events at home and abroad.

We invite you to check out our schedule of conferences, during which you will have the opportunity to hear and meet REAS representatives.


01 September 2018

Housing Fair: Nowy DOM Nowe MIESZKANIE

Location: Gdynia Arena, Gdynia, Poland

Organiser: Murator EXPO

Katarzyna Kuniewicz, head of the REAS Market Analysis and Research Team will take part in the public debate entitled "Is buying a flat under construction safe?", which will begin at 12:00. The discussion will be an attempt to summarise the last six years, in which the Developer Act has been in force. The panel will also discuss issues related to planned changes proposed by the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection.


05 September 2018 - CEE Investor Conference by JLL

Location: Alcron Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Organiser: JLL

The meeting dedicated to JLL clients and business partners will include presentations of business opportunities offered through investing in the real estate market in the CEE region. Maximilian Mendel, head of the REAS Transaction Advisory Team, will take part in the discussion devoted to the "Living sector", in which the PRS and PBSA sectors will be discussed in detail. Maximilian will present the advantages of investing in the rental market in Poland.


08 September 2018

Housing Fair: Nowy DOM Nowe MIESZKANIE

Location: Torwar, Warsaw, Poland

Organiser: Murator EXPO

Similarly to the meeting in Gdynia, Katarzyna Kuniewicz and other guests invited by Marek Wielgo, editor-in-chief of the Murator Plus portal, will attempt to answer the question "Is buying a flat under construction safe?". The discussion is also intended to help the public assess the impact of the proposed changes to the Developer Act planned by the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection. The meeting begins at 12:00 and it is open to all Fair attendees.


12-13 September 2018 - ULI Europe Real Estate Forum and Council Day

Location: Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland

Organiser: ULI Europe

This two-day event organised by the Urban Land Institute, an international non-profit research and education organisation, whose mission is to promote responsible spatial planning and support the sustainable development of communities around the world, will be divided thematically. The first day will be devoted to the meetings and debates of Product Councils that focus on specific sectors of the real estate industry. On day two, invited guests will have the opportunity to compare and discuss their views and experiences on the popular global trend of placemaking.

The meeting will be attended by Kazimierz Kirejczyk, President of the Board at REAS, who is a member of the ULI Residential Council.


18 September 2018 - IV Housing Conference

Location: National Forum of Music, Wrocław, Poland

Organiser: Polish Association of Property Developers

The theme of this year's 4th annual Housing Conference will focus on issues related to the planned legal changes directly affecting the housing sector, including the widely discussed amendment to the Developer Act, as well as social and economic transformations occurring within the market environment.

Kazimierz Kirejczyk will take part in the panel: Financing The Housing Market - Are There Still Funds Allowing To Continue Building On The Current Scale? The discussion on the state of the Polish housing market and its financing is scheduled to begin at 15:30.

This Conference is one of the most important events in the 2018 conference calendar, which is why it will be attended by many other REAS representatives. They will include Paweł Sztejter, Katarzyna Kuniewicz and Maximilian Mendel - Partners at REAS, Katarzyna Kamińska - Market Research Manager, Ewa Tęczak - Marketing Communications Manager, Marcin Wolski - Senior Consultant responsible for Valuations and Financial Analysis, Urszula Ołowniuk - Consultant in the Development Consultancy section, and Aleksandra Gawrońska - Consultant in the Market Analysis and Research Department. The day before the Conference, our experts will also meet with representatives of companies, which are members of the PZFD (Polish Association of Property Developers) branch in Wrocław to present the latest data and discuss in detail the issues concerning the local primary market and the challenges it will face in the coming months.


8-10 October, 2018 - EXPO REAL

Location: EXPO REAL, Munich, Germany

Organiser: Messe München

Maximilian Mendel and Paweł Sztejter will attend numerous meetings with foreign investors and Polish business partners and will present to them the prospects for rental market development in Poland.


10-11 October, 2018 - European Week of Regions and Cities

Location: Square - Brussels Convention Center, Brussels, Belgium

Organiser: The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO) and European Committee of the Regions (CoR)

The European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event held since 2003, during which cities and regions present their methods for achieving economic growth, increasing employment, implementing the European Union’s cohesion policy, and demonstrating the importance of local and regional levels for good governance in Europe.

During one of the thematic panels, Kazimierz Kirejczyk will present the results of research and analysis from a report prepared by REAS on behalf of the European Investment Bank, regarding the demand for social rental housing in Poland.


22-23 October 2018 - 12th edition of the Polish Housing Market Conference 2018

Location: Hotel Hilton, Warsaw, Poland

Organiser: Nowy Adres

The "Polish Housing Market" events continue to hold a strong position among the most important events of the season and are some of the longest-running regular meetings devoted to the issues of the Polish housing industry.

For many years, REAS representatives have had the honour to open the discussion panel session with a presentation on the current market situation based on the regular monitoring of the six largest developing markets in Poland. This time the presentation will be given by Katarzyna Kuniewicz, who will then join in a debate: Still On A Straight Path Or Turning A Dangerous Corner? The Housing Market After Q3 2018. The debate led by Barbara Bugaj, a representative of the Cenatorium, will begin at 11:00. Other debate participants will include Michał Abramczyk, co-founder and vice-president of the Supervisory Board at MichaelStröm Dom Maklerski, Marek Poddany, vice-president of the Board at PZFD and Włodzimierz Stasiak, vice president of the Board at BGKN.

Another opportunity to hear REAS representatives will be at the following panel discussion: The Accelerating Rental Market - A Short-Term Investment Alternative, Or A Permanent Source Of Wealth And Multigenerational Capital Transfer, which will be led by Maximilian Mendel. The discussion will begin at 16:25 and will include Artur Kaźmierczak – the President of the Board at Mzuri Investments, Robert Kiereś - blogger at, Jacek Kusiak – Chairperson of the Mieszkanicznik Association, and Michał Szałajko - general manager at Hamilton May.

Other REAS experts will also be on hand, and we encourage you to make their acquaintance.


If you would like to take part in the conference, you may be entitled to a special discount for REAS clients and business partners. For details on the conference and the discount terms, please read this article.