Reas - analiza rynku, rynek mieszkaniowy, wycena inwestycji
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REAS is an advisory company specializing in issues relating to the residential market. Since 1997, we have been cooperating with developers, banks, investors and other entities operating in the residential market. Only during the four previous years we worked for over 310 different clients, effectively supporting them in the process of project planning and implementation. The high quality of our services is proved, among others, by the fact that REAS has implemented more than five advisory projects for over half of our clients.

Since the year 2000, REAS has been conducting continuous monitoring of the primary residential market, accumulating data on projects in a database based on the GIS system. REAS database currently features 9,964 projects, including 3,061 projects on sale offering 72,000 flats and houses, as well as 878 planned projects which have not been launched for sale yet. This knowledge allows REAS to offer a broad range of market analysis services and to devise long-term market forecasts supporting the process of strategic planning.

REAS provides advisory services at all stages of the investment process, supporting the developers in the process of designing and preparing a product with the best market potential and competitiveness. The implemented advisory projects feature the following services: location analysis, recommendations regarding the project-mix and functionality of residential units, opinion and recommendations regarding architectural designs, pricing strategies and units’ price lists, and recommendations regarding marketing and sales strategies.

REAS specializes also in valuations of investment land and existing residential buildings. The valuations are conducted by certified property valuers with many years of experience allowing them to use both domestic and foreign valuation standards, i.e. British (RICS), European (TEGOVA), American (USPAP) and international (IVSC).

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with institutions financing the residential market in Poland and the recognized reliability of our business plans, valuations and feasibility studies devised by the company, REAS is able to effectively support investors in the process of obtaining financing for new residential investments.

In 2007, REAS became a partner of Jones Lang LaSalle, the global leader in advisory services in the commercial real estate market.

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