REAS specialises in valuation of land intended for development as well as existing residential buildings. Valuation is carried out by licensed valuers with many years of experience, which allows to apply domestic as well as foreign valuation standards: British (RICS), European (TEGOVA), American (USPAP) and International (IVSC).

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of many local housing markets, their structure and dynamics, understanding of the mechanisms that drive the market, price dynamics and segmentation of the housing market in Poland, REAS has been including extensive market analyses and forecasts in the valuations, accompanied by a marketing evaluation of the housing products being considered.

Valuations prepared by REAS may have the form of a separate report/valuation report and/or may be part of more complex investment consulting documents. Valuations can be performed, among all, to establish:

  • the market value of the real property for internal use by the Client
  • the market value for present and highest and best use for secured lending purposes.