Financial analyses and business plans

REAS prepares business plans for individual housing projects for purposes of sourcing financing.

Financial institutions appreciate the quality of feasibility studies, which comes from the experience of REAS from a few hundred projects of this type and in-depth knowledge of the housing market. The scope of feasibility studies was perfected throughout the many years of cooperation with banks to ensure that all of their needs in this respect are satisfied.

Such studies include:

  • Overview of the undertaking, location and parties involved in the investment process
  • Analysis and forecasts for the housing market
  • Analysis of competitive projects
  • Evaluation of the parameters of the project
  • Financial analysis of the project – planned cash flow and effectiveness analysis.
  • Sensitivity analysis presenting the financial results depending on the changes in the sale prices and costs of construction, including the minimum price level (break-even point) and the maximum costs of construction (break-even point) for which the investment in question is economically feasible