Workshops and strategic consulting

REAS supports developers in evaluating the attractiveness of markets and developing entry and expansion strategies for new geographic areas and market segments.

The extent of analyses is customised to meet the needs of the individual company but typically covers:

  1. Development potential and forecasts for the primary market in the largest cities in Poland.
    a. Key factors impacting the development of the market (demographic, economic and social trends, financing provided to developers and buyers, government policy) – presentation, discussion.
    b. Situation on the market in the largest cities in Poland and development potential ranking from the perspective of housing developers (presentation, discussion).
    c. Complementary sectors: rental market, housing for the elderly, holiday apartments – development potential.
    d. Market for land.
    e. Competition – condition of the sector, structure of businesses in terms of the scale of operations and revenues.
  2. Business potential evaluation: analysis of past experience, human resources, capital and image. Session prepared together with the management board and employees of the company.
    a. Past experience of the execution team, identification of strengths and weaknesses. Experience in project preparation and matters related to the effectiveness of the adopted solutions, in cooperation with the individual participants of the project execution process.
    b. Marketing activities, including: running the sales office, preparing document templates, advertising materials, show flats and sales schedule, considering the state of the market and the course of execution of the project.
    c. Image of the company as a housing developer.
    d. Experience in cooperation with banks and other financial institutions. Capital resources – own resources and availability or external funding.
  3. Review and analysis of behaviour models of a group of comparable (potentially competitive) businesses (organisation of the investment and sales process, specific features of the project, sources of financing, pace of development, financial results).
  4. Summary: recommended strategic goals (sectors, market segments, types of projects, locations, scale of projects) and recommendations for running the investment process and for the operating plan. REAS also provides training services and organizes workshops to help you understand market mechanisms better and interpret the data presented in REAS reports.