Primary market monitoring

REAS has been monitoring the developer market since 1997. This is the only research programme in Poland, where the quality of data is much higher as compared to the data provided by online agents. Based on the collected historical information and current data about housing projects, we are able to analyse trends on a macro scale as well as perform competition analyses for specific projects, taking into consideration sales dynamics and changes in prices.

Residential projects in Poland are monitored on a regular basis in the following cities: Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Kraków, the Tri-city, Łódź, Katowice, the Silesian agglomeration and Lublin (corresponding to around 95% of all projects being monitored).

We also monitor smaller cities on a half-year basis, which include: Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Toruń. At least once per year we monitor cities like Olsztyn, Rzeszów, Białystok sea-side health resorts with Świnoujście and Kołobrzeg.

REAS cooperates with the portal, which allows us to monitor changes in asking prices on the major markets in Poland and the number of offers on the secondary market.

In-depth knowledge of the housing market serves as the basis for other REAS services and also allows to advance research of new sectors with very high potential for development in Poland, such as:

  • Second Homes
  • Senior Housing
  • Rental Market
  • Student Housing