Dedicated reports

Comprehensive housing market analyses in the most populated cities in Poland have been one of the key areas of focus in the advisory services provided by REAS since its establishment in 1997. REAS consultants have so far drawn up hundreds of reports on the housing markets in various Polish cities for developers, financial institutions, local governments, heating services providers and construction companies. Reports were also prepared for the World Bank and the EBRD.

REAS reports are used in strategic planning (engaging in new business, estimating the size of the market) as well as in day-to-day operations. They are individually customised to meet the needs and requirements of the Client.

Please find below some examples of reports prepared by REAS:

  • for developers – detailed reports on individual districts and market segments with maps and detailed information about the completed projects; quarterly competition monitoring reports are a special group of reports we draw up
  • for banks – reports on the housing market in Poland for internal purposes (decisions concerning the development of the mortgage loan offer, credit risk assessment) and for rating agencies, as well as price change forecasts used in analyses of the loan portfolio
  • Forecasts concerning the development of housing resources in the city for local governments and providers of utilities (demand for heating/water).