Competition monitoring

Selling effectively is not possible without access to a reliable competition analysis. The Market Research & Analysis team prepares quarterly reports on prices, sales dynamics as well as marketing and sales initiatives undertaken by competitors that are relevant for the Client’s projects.

The following data will be provided in the report for every project under review:

  • Number of flats on offer as at the end of the quarter, by number of rooms.
  • Quarterly sales.
  • Lowest, highest and average (asking) prices of flats per sqm as at the end of the quarter.
  • Lowest, highest and average total (asking) prices of flats as at the end of the quarter.
  • Special deals and discounts offered by developers.

Reports also include brief overviews of the situation on the local housing market, which cover the following:

  • Number of flats with construction permits, whose construction has commenced and which have been commissioned for use.
  • Flats sold, marketed and for sale.
  • Sales of flats which are pending commissioning for use.
  • Map of housing projects on offer (as at the end of the quarter).
  • Average asking prices of flats (PLN/sqm) on the market.
  • Top ten developers in the city by number of flats commissioned for use and pending commissioning.