1 kilometre analysis

An analysis of the investment projects planned within 1 kilometre from the project is an integral part of the information sheet.

Preparing the information sheet is the most difficult and most labour-intensive part of work on the information sheet. Moreover, this work needs to be repeated regularly in order to comply with requirements under the Developers Act.

As part of Developers Act services we also offer a complete information sheet, and an analysis solely concerning investment projects planned within a radius of 1 kilometre from the project. We also assume contractual liability for accuracy of the data provided. Our experts have knowledge and know-how allowing them to gain access to the sources needed to draw up the 1 kilometre analysis and present the information within it in a professional way.  When preparing the information sheet and updates to elements of the information sheet, the REAS team uses a data collection system of its own design, which can be used to update the data quickly.

The amount of time saved by outsourcing the 1 kilometre analysis to REAS, due to a developer’s personnel not having to compile this information themselves, is a definite advantage. Working with REAS also guarantees that this section of the information sheet will be regularly updated regardless of availability of personnel and the level of difficulty in gaining access to the sources of the information.