Information sheets

A developer information sheet is an integral part of a developer agreement. It presents the standard commercial offer and is a tool for buyers to compare housing market projects. The Developers Act specifies the information a developer is required to include in the information sheet. Both the document itself and compliance with the obligation to provide interested buyers with the sheet are vital. If the information sheet is not produced properly or a developer provides incorrect information, this can lead to termination of agreements by buyers or legal action seeking compensation once the project is completed. Moreover, failure to comply with this information requirement can lead to a fine, restriction of freedom, or imprisonment for persons who draw up the information sheet.

Outsourcing production of information sheets to REAS – a credible partner with a sound track record – means that:

  • responsibility for correctly drawing up the document is transferred to an external firm (we have third-party insurance for performance of the service in case of claims being brought by customers),
  • sales documentation undergoes an additional review by an independent firm,
  • information with which customers are provided is regularly reviewed and updated,
  • your own personnel save time and can concentrate on handling sales matters properly.

In connection with services relating to the Developers Act, according to customer requirements, the REAS team produces two kinds of documents: 

  • information sheets for all units in the project, giving a full set of information specified in the statutory template for the information sheet. The information is drawn up based on materials provided by the customer (the minimum is sheets containing information about units, the developer agreement, schedule for the works, standard to which buildings must be finished, etc.) as well as information about investment projects planned within a radius of 1 kilometre from the project
  • an analysis alone of the investment projects planned within a radius of 1 kilometre from the development project

We also offer regular updates of the information sheet or the “1 kilometre analysis” as part of the subscribed service.

The materials we provide are considered reliable – both by developers that order them, and their customers. This is confirmed by the fact that we are currently drawing up reports for almost 100 development projects all over Poland.