Recommendations for the product

Recommendations for the product are based on multi-dimensional market analyses, covering preferences of home buyers, sales results of the competition, experience and expertise of REAS as well as the forecast market trends. Their main purpose is to create the best product that meets the requirements of the market.

An opinion about the project may have the form of an internal audit of the investment project being prepared or a document that provides a review of the project from the market perspective for purposes of obtaining financing from a bank.

REAS provides consulting services to help define the standard of the product, the quality and quantity structure of flats, duration of stages and the optimum schedule of execution, both in terms of sales as well as construction.

REAS draws up reports which forecast the pace of sales (also in various scenarios, assuming different prices and marketing strategies supporting sales) and define the optimum division and schedule of marketing subsequent pools of flats.

Product recommendations include:

  • Site evaluation, including: planning factors and their impact on the project as well as identification of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analysis of market competition.
  • Land development concept.
  • Quality standard assumed for the project against market expectations.
  • Market segment and target groups, their characteristics and potential.
  • Comments regarding the quality standard in the light of market expectations.
  • Comments regarding the structure of flats and flat size ranges.
  • Recommended project stages.
  • Forecast pace of sales, based on market forecasts and recommended prices.
  • Analysis of sensitivity of the sales pace on the prices of flats.