Analyses of preferences of buyers of dwellings

All-embracing analyses of the housing market in Poland's major cities are one of the main areas on which REAS has advised since the firm was founded. These reports are based on detailed data on the subject of housing developments, the developers and their plans, pricing policy, sales strategy, the transaction volume, and everything that relates to the property development sector, gathered in a programme that has been running for more than 20 years, that the company devised itself to monitor the housing market.

In 2017 we decided to organise the information we have on demand on this market by launching, in cooperation with OBIDO, a permanent programme to conduct surveys on preferences of buyers of dwellings. Using an advanced method of gathering and processing data, which is a method on which that primary market customer platform is based, the shifting patterns in buyers' preferences can be monitored – not only in the long term and for large groups, but also in the course of a single purchase process.

The data obtained from the OBIDO platform can be used to perform an in-depth analysis of demand on the property market to an extent never achieved before. Using this data:

  • The quality of the surveyed group can be maintained as a constant over time – this is a group of people who have truly decided to purchase a flat as soon as possible.
  • The level of false responses is kept to a minimum – visitors to the website give their responses knowing that they will be used to optimise the products offered to them.
  • A size of a group can be obtained which is not attainable in other surveys – in the case of a town of between one thousand and several thousand inhabitants.
  • Shifts in preferences in the course of a single purchase process can be monitored – from the first dreams to the eventual choice (purchase).
  • The purchasing power and other key characteristics of households can be determined (respondent metrics).
  • Answers can be found to the question of the factors that exclude purchase of a particular flat.
  • Shifts in preferences can be monitored systematically on a scale of thousands of respondents over long periods – and over time the trends in this respect can be described – and sometimes forecast.

The most comprehensive REAS report which uses this data is the "Annual Report on Preferences of Buyers of Flats/Roczny raport na temat preferencji nabywców mieszkań". It is available for any of the three markets on which OBIDO currently operates, i.e. for Cracow, Warsaw, and Wrocław.

Above all, the report gives:

  1. The characteristics of the main groups of potential buyers:
    1. the overall characteristics of demand,
    2. a definition of the individual buyer groups (single people, couples, families, individual investors) focusing in particular on the differences in the purchasing preferences they declare.
  2. The characteristics of preferences in terms of the object, i.e. with respect to:
    1. particular types of dwellings,
    2. the features of buildings and residential estates.
  3. The characteristics of preferences in various areas of a town or city.

REAS also has on offer other reports and advisory projects, based in whole or in part on OBIDO data, customised to meet the individual needs of developers. In particular, these are:

  • Analyses of preferences for specific locations and programme guidelines for design work in the initial planning phase for the investment (answering the question of what kind of product buyers seek).
  • The ascertaining of and characteristics of the buyer target groups during the marketing campaign creation or modification phase (providing answers to the questions: who are my buyers? How can I reach them? What features of my investment and the message I am conveying matter to my potential customers?).
  • Analysis of the investment from the point of view of the true competition (i.e. projects which are comparable from the point of view of price and quality).