Senior housing

The demographic changes taking place across Europe and the lack of a broad housing offer for the elderly make senior housing more and more popular, also in Poland. Projects for seniors are a challenge for the ageing society, at the same time being an attractive niche on the real estate market.

For a dozen or so years REAS has been closely monitoring various solutions in the senior housing market segment in countries such as the United States, Canada and Germany to support the development of senior housing in Poland and to copy on our market the most valuable ideas that underlie them. Research conducted in 2014–2015 on demographic, economic and social factors that affect demand for housing for seniors and analysis of solutions available so far on our market resulted in an extensive report entitled ‘Budownictwo senioralne w Polsce – perspektywy rozwoju.’

We are one of the first consulting companies in Poland, which for several years has been offering consultancy services to investors and developers interested in senior housing: both in the assisted living model as well as nursing homes, which respond to the needs of people at later stages of seniors’ lives. We are also a reliable partner that can support local governments in creating a comprehensive senior housing policy. Our experts take part in numerous debates on senior housing. One of the first ones took place in Krakow (2014) and Opole (2015), devoted to the challenges faced by local authorities in connection with demographic changes.

We provide market research and project consultancy services and create financial feasibility studies. We monitor the impact of private medical care and the development of services within the so-called silver economy on projects intended for seniors. We also analyse new projects in Poland, such as entire senior housing estates or housing estates with a separate zone for the elderly, and keep our unique senior housing project base updated.

REAS’ services related to the senior housing sector include:

  • Senior housing market analysis
  • Senior housing facility assessment and development  advisory
  • Financial analysis of senior housing projects
  • Senior housing asset/portfolio transaction services
  • Senior housing asset valuations