Investment funds

In recent years, the Polish residential real estate market has been exceptionally attractive for investors seeking a stable market environment for their capital, high growth potential and favourable return on investment.

Continued significant deficit in the number of flats in a large country with a stable economic growth provides a multitude of investment opportunities - both medium and long-term. It also allows investors to choose the most beneficial form of involvement.

In the case of investment funds, the most promising are the residential real estate market, which has been growing in recent years by 15% annually, as well as the developing rental sector, where the institutional investors have already taken their first steps - both those with the domestic capital (BGKN), as well as foreign investment funds (Bouwfonds Investment Management and Catella Wohnen Europa). Assets, such as private student dormitories, which have begun to appear in several major Polish cities thanks to such investments as Griffin Real Estate or Golub GetHouse, are also becoming more significant.

REAS, as a consulting company with over 20 years of experience, specialising in the area of residential real estate, is an invaluable partner for those who are looking to invest in Poland. Excellent knowledge of the market and strong relationships with its key players allow REAS experts to gain information on varied investment opportunities. We also have the resources necessary to analyse and assess their attractiveness.

We bring capital partners together. We advise on choosing investment projects. We provide support in the acquisition of shares or entire development companies. We help in understanding the market, evaluating risks, and empower our partners in making strategic decisions.

The REAS transaction advisory team supports investors in the development and management of their housing portfolios - it provides market analyses, evaluates profitability, recommends products for purchase and sale, and advises on individual transactions.

Furthermore, REAS supports investors in managing distressed assets by providing appropriate analyses, recommending exit strategies and advising on their implementation.

The range of services provided to investors includes, but is not limited to:

  • Housing market analyses and forecasts
  • Strategic advice
  • Financial analyses
  • Due diligence
  • Advice on developing and managing a housing portfolio
  • Valuation of real estate and portfolios
  • Transactional advice