Manufacturers and service providers

Thanks to the 20 years of experience on the Polish housing market and our own research programme started over 10 years ago, REAS provides consultancy services not only to developers and investors but also to manufacturers of all kinds of materials and providers of housing-related services.

The primary residential market engages not only development and construction companies or manufacturers of building and finishing materials. New housing estates generate demand for the necessary utilities (such as water, electricity, and gas), furniture, household appliances and home electronics, as well as various services, such as telecommunications.

REAS continues to monitor the residential market, carrying out fairly detailed analyses of individual projects, which provides companies with the necessary insights to make strategic business decisions, better plan their development and improve the efficiency of their operations.

The development forecasts for individual city districts or parts of the cities allow to estimate population growth, and thus the demand for the relevant goods or services. Analyses of purchase decisions and preferences of home buyers enables to forecast the potential social structure going forward, and thus the needs of the future residents. Knowledge about the nature and intensity of the designed buildings and the planned building quality standards allows us to track the changing trends and better align the range of the offered goods and services with the requirements of the architects and developers in various market sectors.

The services we offer to production companies and service providers include:

  • Analyses of the residential market in specific locations
  • Analyses of selected projects
  • Development forecasts for entire regions, cities, districts, and even their parts
  • Studies on the standards of buildings under construction
  • Studies on the activity of the developers at a specific time in the future (number and size of buildings, number of storeys and units, building intensity)
  • Analyses of the preferences of home buyers

Additionally, at the customer’s request, we can customise our standard reports by broadening or narrowing down the scope of the presented information.