How to transform cities to ensure the best outcomes

30 August 2017

The growth, vitality and competitiveness of Polish cities depend not only on the funds that are allocated for this purpose, but also, and perhaps above all, on the right approach to the transformation process. Participants of the Leading Central Europe's Cities into Transformation Conference organised by ULI Poland will discuss what best direction to take and where to find inspiration.

The process of planning and implementing appropriate changes is a challenge that Western European cities have faced before, resulting in various outcomes. This process is inevitable in the life cycle of every metropolis. The key seems to be the appropriate level of involvement of all entities who have, or may have an impact on it. In order to understand mutual interests, dependencies, and to develop a local practice that enables this interaction, it is necessary to hold a forum for exchanging opinions and knowledge. It is also necessary to tap into the experiences and proven action models of experts from other countries.

These ideas are what guide the Polish branch of the Urban Land Institute, whose Executive Board members include Paweł Sztejter, Deputy President of the Board at REAS.

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) is an international non-profit research and educational organisation. Its mission is to promote responsible spatial planning and support the sustainable development of communities around the world. It is ranked among the most prestigious organisations in the world of real estate, bringing together nearly 40,000 members, and successively building a platform for exchanging experiences and opinions on the challenges faced by developers, investors and cities in a constantly changing global environment.

Since 2014, ULI has also been operating in Poland, bringing together the largest market experts. It creates a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences during events, which are an important part of the conference calendar for the Polish real estate industry. In previous years, the topics discussed during the annual ULI conference in Warsaw included competitiveness of cities.

This year the main topic is the direction of transformation of Central European cities. Invited speakers will discuss how the right strategy and planning can contribute not only to improving transportation, creating attractive urban spaces, affordability, housing density, innovation and economic growth in cities, but also preventing social exclusion. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss ways of transforming and adapting cities to make them attractive to investors, but also to make them cleaner, greener and more sustainable, as well as people-friendly.

The agenda will include:    

  • Strategic Leadership: Transforming cities through visions for the future
  • The city vision and the link between economic and spatial development
  • Placemaking / attractive urban space
  • Future proofing urban mobility
  • The changing face of real estate investment and its impact on cities
  • Residential: The key success factor to attracting talent and prosperity
  • Retail and destination in cities

Featured Speakers: 

  • Nicolas Bearelle, CEO of Re-Vive (Ghent)
  • Greg Clark, Senior Fellow, ULI Europe (London)
  • Jaap Gillis, CEO, Bouwfonds (Amsterdam)
  • Kathrine Heiberg, CEO, Reteam Group (Copenhagen)
  • Marc Jongerius, Managing Director &  Co-Founder, Zoku (Amsterdam)
  • Alfonso Martinez Cearra, Metropoli 30 (Bilbao)
  • Andrew Phipps, Head of UK & EMEA Research, CBRE (London)
  • Daniel R. Ringelstein, Director of Urban Design & Planning at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (London)
  • Dr Daniel Thorniley, President of DT-Global Business Consulting and Co-Founder of the CEEMEA Business Group (Vienna)
  • Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Lódz (Lódz)
  • Olle Zetterberg, CEO, Stockholm Business Region (Stockholm)

The event will take place on 16-17 October at the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria hotel in Warsaw. We invite you to view the details of the conference programme. Until 12 September you are entitled to preferential participant fee rates.