REAS is a consulting team providing services related to the residential market. As to December 2018 it forms part of JLL, an advisory firm operating on the global commercial real estate market.

Since 1997 we have been cooperating with developers, banks, investors and other businesses active on the housing market. Over the last 5 years we were engaged in more than 2.6 thousand of advisory projects for 253 different clients, effectively supporting them in planning and execution of their projects.

Primary market monitoring

Since 1997 REAS has been running the most extensive developer market research programme in Poland.

Comprehensive services for developers

We provide comprehensive advisory services to developers from the housing market. Our services include preliminary land surveys, product and financial consulting as well as support in commercialisation.

Development of new sectors

REAS is involved in developing the still underrated market sectors, such as flats for rent or flats for the elderly or students.